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Warehouse – Picker, Packer / Germany, Erfurt

Salary: from 11.49 EUR per hour, gross pay (monthly payment), overtime available,
- 100 % paid if working over the bank holidays

Location: Erfurt, Germany

Shifts: morning and afternoon, from 5 am to 12 pm. Shift lasts 8 hours and 45 minutes. Usually 174 hours per month (salary of €2000 - €2100 brutto).

Job Description: You will work as a picker or packer. As a picker, you are responsible for collecting orders and preparing them for packaging. As a packer, you are responsible for properly packing your orders so that you can send your order to the customer. For both positions, it is preferred that you be motivated and flexible.

Requirements: Positive approach to work, physically fit, hardworking, flexible and team player.

Employee benefits: Working under German employment contract with the possibility of permanent employment. German accommodation agents. The employer pays taxes and levies (social, health and pension allowance) for you. Help with the purchase of a
travel ticket and transport from the airport.

Additional InformationAccommodation is provided via houses (so-called share house). The house is fully furnished.

Service / Sales person at the gas station restaurant - Germany, Berlin

Salary: from €11.15 gross by hour
- working on public holidays, Sundays and at night will be paid 100% and +25%
- payment is on 15th, every month
- payment in advance available (max 50%)

Location: Berlin, Germany

Shifts: 173 hours per month, working on shifts (2 or 3 shifts, depends on the season).

Job Description: You will be serving traditional and creative bakery products and dishes. Serving the guests in the service and cashier activities. Wash dishes and clear tables and help in the kitchen.

Requirements: Positive approach to work, physically fit, hardworking, flexible and team player. Communicative English or German language

Employee benefits: Work on a German employment contract. Certified DEU employer. Accommodation is suitable and clean (not paid in advance). The employer pays taxes and levies for you (social, health and pension contribution). Assistance in applying for tax identification number, health insurance and bank account if needed. Providing safety boots for free. Extra vacation / Christmas bonus (after 6 months with company). Daily meal flats rate of 5 EUR. Assistance with ticket purchase and transport to Germany

Additional Information: Single or share rooms for 4,94 EUR per day, deducted from the salary. In some locations housing is located near work, if that is not the case, transport to work is provided. Houses are fully equipped.

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